Our Team

Our passionate and dedicated team will collaborate with you to build a program delivering the best experience for patients and HCPs.

Project Team

Our team of certified project managers lead each project from concept through to project completion. Their experience ensures that whether the project lead time is long or short, we deliver best in class project solutions. We understand commercial imperatives and are committed to realising your project on time and in budget.

Pharmacist Team

Our experienced and dedicated team of pharmacists are involved in every aspect of program design, development and delivery.

We know there is nobody better placed to understand how patients and HCPs interact with your product.

Leveraging their expertise as the medicine experts to build best in-class solutions means that patients using your product receive optimal support.

Medical Writing Team

Our collaborative approach ensures that we develop the strongest patient and HCP communication solutions. We know how to pitch and translate complex medical concepts into simple, effective messages that really cut through to Patients and HCPs. This facilitates effective engagement and positive outcomes.

Studio & Design Team

The creativity and responsiveness of our design team is second to none! We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients as we respond to their brief.

This often involves working within the framework of a Global Brand Book where the team develop materials and solutions to align to the requirements of the local Affiliate.

Our creatives also love to work and design bespoke solutions were they can really let their creativity flow.

IT Team

The extensive capability of our digital team delivers custom solutions which are designed to optimise engagement with patients and HCPs. Most commonly the team design and build bespoke patient and HCP platforms that provide a digital home to your product and brand. Previous projects have included the development of bespoke online prescribing platforms and patient centric digital platforms designed to optimise patient engagement and compliance with their treatment.


We bring together our team of professionals to ensure a seamless experience from program build through execution.


Our creative output ensures optimal patient and HCP engagement whist remaining true to your brand.


Our experienced team will guide you as together we create a program with maximum impact.